Welcome to the 1913 Town of Willamette



In 1908, the Town of Willamette was developed as one of the first modern communities in the nation. With indoor plumbing, electricity and a street car, the town of Willamette provided homes and businesses serving those employed at the mill on the river. Willamette sits at the confluence of the Willamette and Tualatin rivers, just upstream from the majestic Willamette Falls, approximately 15 miles south of Portland, Oregon.

In 1913, West Linn, a compilation of several small towns and villages adjacent to Willamette, was incorporated. It is at this time that we bring you to Willamette to take a step back in time and experience life here.

  On the tour, costumed guides will lead you through the historic neighborhood of Willamette and into some of the homes and lives of the first citizens living there. Guests are delighted as they walk into the past of one of the first suburban towns from the early 20th century.
Courting Scene

The one day event is always scheduled on the 3rd Saturday of September each year.

 Thank you all your support!! Tickets for the September 2015 tours are SOLD OUT.


The Willamette Living History Tour is a program of the West Linn Historical Society. To learn more about our organization please visit our website at www.westlinnhistory.org or email us at info@westlinnhistory.org